Mission Statement

Mobile Sonix™ believes the foundation of its existence is the result of a team that is committed to excellence, and the strong belief in securing long term potential for both the company and its employees.

From the inception of your request to it's completion, we guarantee our clients the highest moral and ethical standards in the performance of our services.

We have operated on the principals of integrity and fair dealings since 2003, and we continue to hold ourselves to those standards.

Service Menu...

  • Services performed at your facility or at the patient's bedside.
  • Comprehensive, quality 24/7 portable ultrasound services* (see Service link).
  • Increase the services you provide without increasing your overall costs.
  • Medicare and most medical plans accepted.


Results you can rely on. Mobile Sonix™ utilizes only board certified Radiologists and Cardiologists who demonstrate a high degree of competence in their area of expertise. WET readings are provided for emergency (STAT) requests within several hours after order of study. All technologists are appropriately licensed by their applicable accrediting board.


Technology. Our services are enhanced by the utilization of modern, modern digital technology, enabling the attending physician a beneficial tool in accurate diagnosis.


Enhanced via our association with Fox Global Health. We now not only offer a comprehensive ultrasound staffing program but, additionally, we now have a multitude of health professionals available inclusive of: Registered Nurses, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists.