Corporate Health / Community Preventive Health Screenings

Preventive Health Screenings for those who may be at risk due to family history or lifestyle choices. Preventive Health Screenings assist in identifying potentially life threatening conditions before they become an issue.

Corporate Health Various screening programs and or packages are available; let Mobile Sonix™ work with your representatives to develop a specific screening program to meet your needs.

VASCULAR HEALTH SCREENING is a combination of three tests. They are painless and all three can be completed in less than an hour. You do not need a referral from your physician for these tests, but they are not covered under insurance.

  • CAROTID ARTERIES (that feed the brain). Check for plaque build up in the major arteries that feed the brain. Blockage in these important arteries can lead to stroke.

  • ABDOMINAL AORTA (for aneurysm). Check for bulging (aneurysm) in the main artery that runs from the heart through the trunk of the body.

  • PERIPHERAL ARTERIES (of the legs). Check for plaque build up in the leg arteries. Significant plaque in the legs can cause pain and weakness. An ankle brachial screening, using blood pressure cuffs on the arms and ankles, to detect peripheral arterial disease.

Who needs a Vascular Screening? Asymptomatic patients, who are concerned about early detection of vascular disease in order to decrease the risk of stroke, evaluate for poor circulation associated with limb loss, and abdominal aneurysm associated with rupture and death.


  • smoking
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • diabetes
  • physical inactivity
  • obesity
  • alcohol abuse
  • heart disease
  • family history


  • leg pain after walking
  • numbness to leg/foot
  • stroke-like symptoms (paralysis, numbness, facial droop, inability to speak, blurred vision, etc.)
  • family history of aneurysm
  • unexplained abdominal or back pain

All of our ultrasound screenings are non-invasive and painless. After your screening, a board certified physician will review the results. If any abnormalities are detected you will receive a report to share with your personal physician.

Because elective screenings such as these are not covered by insurance, Mobile Sonix™ is committed to providing important, high quality vascular screenings at a rate affordable to our communities. Vascular Screenings are not covered or reimbursable by Medicare, nor will Mobile Sonix™ file insurance claims to any health-care provider.

Find out about your risk for stroke and heart disease. For an appointment or for more information about our Preventative Health Screening Programs, contact us at
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