About Us

Mobile Sonix™ provides excellent, expedient, cost effective and comprehensive portable ultrasound services to our clients in a variety of healthcare settings. From the inception of your request to the completion of the study with final report, we guarantee our clients the highest moral and ethical standards in the performance of our services.


Mobile Sonix™ has been in the ultrasound business since 2003. Beginning as an ultrasound staffing company, our services grew to the implementation of an independent, stand alone staffing company in association with Fox Global Health. With these combined synergies we have emerged as the most sought after Medical Staffing Company in the region and we are rapidly feeling the demand on a national level.

Mobile Sonix™ has now accepted the challenge of the region's single portable ultrasound provider enabling 24/7 service to nursing facilities and the like. Enabling this provision saves countless lives as well as decreases the overall cost to the facilities and Medicare in the provision of care.

Future Goals

Mobile Sonix™ proudly delivers its services with the latest technology designed for maximum performance of our duties. We will continue to seek methods to further enhance the delivery of our services. We promise to introduce only technology that will truly benefit the clients we serve. We promise to further ensure our clients' peace of mind gained in knowing they have an independent, trusted partner with like goals in the industry. Fair and honest pricing with a superior service advantage will always be our motto and it will never be compromised.

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